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 We're your safe haven for Multiple Sclerosis.
We're proud to offer a unique blend of experience and sisterhood for ALL women who have been diagnosed with MS. 

“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit,

a golden thread to the meaning of life.”

― Isadora James


A Message From The


Greetings Sorors, Friends, and Family!


Welcome to the official website of Alpha Eta Phi Multiple Sclerosis Sorority, Inc. I am honored to serve as the president of this sorority which is full of some of the most spectacular women who are dedicated, strong, but most importantly warriors on the MS journey. We are excited to have you visiting our site to gain knowledge or even to join AEP. It is our duty to guarantee that we are providing an effective support system through the bond of sisterhood and friendship. We want you to remain informed so please feel free to look at our page, follow us on social media outlets, and come back to visit the site as it will be updated frequently with events and information. We are forever grateful for your continued support and interest in Alpha Eta Phi! We hope to see you soon whether it is in person or on Zoom!


Together in Love,

Dr. Lekeia Conway, President

Alpha Eta Phi Multiple Sclerosis Sorority, Incorporated


Shining A Light On Greatness


 Each month we will be shining a spotlight on different individuals and businesses. This month we will be shining a spotlight on

Monica Tucker

The New Face of MS


Monica Tucker, is a woman of boundless spirit and unwavering determination. She is a wife, mother, business owner, and visionary. She embodies the essence of empowerment and leadership. She has a Bachelor’s degree in business management and organizational Development, 25 years of training and development in government, manufacturing, over 30+ years customer service experience that includes 14 years in remote and virtual environments. She has not only carved her own niche in the business community; but, has also become a fierce advocate for the MS community.

Her heart beats with a passion for helping others and her community. She is the owner of Daybreak Outsourcing. A virtual employment agency that provides dependable full-time and part-time employment opportunities to the workforce community. But her passion extends far beyond the realm of business, as she dedicates herself to championing the cause closest to her heart: advocating for those affected by multiple sclerosis.

Driven by her personal journey with Relapsing-Remitting MS since January 2017. Rather than allowing this chronic condition to define her, she embarked on a mission to reshape its narrative, inspiring a movement of empowerment and unity. With unwavering passion, she founded "The New Face of MS" – a transformative initiative dedicated to empowering, educating, and uniting the MS community through awareness-raising and promoting positivity .

At the heart of "The New Face of MS" is a captivating blog

that showcases the extraordinary stories of everyday individuals, like you and me. By sharing these narratives, it is her aim to bring people together, fostering a global movement that raises awareness, empowers communities, and makes a profound  impact on the world. Through the power of collective storytelling and community outreach,

she believes in building a connected network of MS warriors who find solace, strength, and a true sense of belonging in community. This beacon of hope not only touches hearts

and minds but also demonstrates  the strength in numbers and the transformative power of collaboration.

It is her belief that sharing one's story not only helps the

storyteller; but, it also extends a lifeline to others, letting

them know they are not alone and that there is always hope. In creating a community of support, Monica and "The New Face of MS" have forged an unstoppable force that embodies thepower of unity and resilience in the face of adversity.

If you would like to share your story you can at

Follow her on all platforms.
IG @thenewfaceofms
FB @thenewfaceofms
Twitter @thenewfaceofms1
Tiktok @thenewfaceofms

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For any additional questions or concerns

please fill out the contact box. 


Dr. Lekeia Conway

Alpha Eta Phi Multiple Sclerosis Sorority, Inc.

801 E. Pulaski Highway

STE  143 #1011

Elkton, MD 21921

Tel: (410) 996-4513


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