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Anti-Hazing Policy 

Hazing is defined as anything that involves degrading, humiliating, or putting an individual(s) at risk of physical or emotional harm regardless of their participation. All members, including existing and prospective, should be treated with grandeur and more importantly respect. Alpha Eta Phi Multiple Sclerosis Sorority Inc. strictly prohibits any form of hazing and if any of the rules or rights of the sorority are violated, disciplinary action including fines and/or suspension from the sorority will be enforced.


Screaming, or Yelling

Bringing shame to, menacing acts, intimidation, or humiliating an individual(s)

Restricting communication

Any type of physical violence such as: threatening to bring bodily harm to an

individual(s), slapping or hitting an individual while acting as a member of Alpha Eta Phi

Multiple Sclerosis Sorority Inc.

Examples of Hazing
Hazing Policy Violation

If any of Alpha Eta Phi Multiple Sclerosis Sorority Incorporated's policies are violated, it will result in the following disciplinary actions taking place (depending on the severity of the matter):


Warning or Censuring

Paying a fine

Rescindment of Chapter



Potential Members

Removal from intake line

Will not be able to participate in any future Alpha Eta Phi Multiple Sclerosis

Sorority intake classes or activities


If a member should become aware of any type of hazing activity, it is your responsibility to make sure it is reported so that it can be further investigated.

Chain Of Command For Potential Members To Report Hazing
  1. Intake Coordinator

  2. Secretary

  3. Vice President

  4. President



Report hazing to any Founding Member

Anti-Hazing Resources
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